We offer freelance writing services, hosting services and WordPress Installation through our sister company, Dominash Studios, and script consultation. The writing services we offer tend to vary greatly, but generally include articles, blog posts, and e-books. We also specialize in re-writes. For more information or a quote, feel free to Contact Us.

Happy Clients

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. When we started working as freelance writers, 13 years ago, our goal, which has never wavered, was to ensure that each and ever client was satisfied with out work. Some might say that you can’t please everybody, but with our work ethic, we have never had a client who was disappointed with our work. We promise to work just as hard to attain your approval!


To keep things as fair as possible, we tend to charge on a per-project basis as opposed to a straight fee per article. In that, you can assume that we charge more for one article than we do if we are hired for multiple articles (bulk rate allows us to charge a cheaper per-article rate) with larger “discounts” occurring based on project size. Re-writes are also somewhat cheaper than articles that are originally written by us, as those articles tend to require a standard amount of research.


We work full-time freelance, which is typically more than 40 hours each week. It’s not rare for us to work six days a week, and we’re available by email even on our days off, so we are available for emergency rush jobs. We have various deadlines based on the needs of each client. We will work with you to fill your needs in a time that works for you. This ensures that we won’t be sacrificing any of the quality that your articles deserve.

Our Company Mission

Our mission here at Electric Marshmallow Productions is to provide well-written, precise copy in a timely manner to clients around the world. It is not the size of the project that matters to us, but the satisfaction our clients feel with the work we’ve done.

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Phone Number: (937) 999 8444

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